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Plans Change in Palolem

In India on June 29, 2010 at 2:18 pm

It was midnight by the time I arrived at Karmali station in Goa and I needed to get to the state capital, Panjim (Panaji). I thought it would be fine, easy and cheap, as is normal in India to get to the town. I expected lots of touts vying for my hotel business and offering me free rickshaws in to the town 9km away. How wrong I was. There were three taxi drivers in a cartel which forced me to pay 260 Rs (£3.70) on a taxi and they didn’t even know the name of one guesthouse between them. After getting extremely frustrated I got out of the cab in the pouring rain, not just normal rain, bucket down monsoon rain, and grabbed the two nearest westerners I could find to get myself a bed for the night. Their place was full, so were the other five places I knocked on. Eventually I found an inviting stairwell up to an empty reception. After calling around the corridor for a while I realised the owner was probably down the pub so I set up camp in one of the empty rooms and the next thing I knew it was 7am. “I could get away with this” I thought, a free night’s lodgings. I picked up my bag, kept my head down and walked straight out the front door past the receptionist on the stairs. At least that partly made up for the extortionate taxi rate.

Panjim's lovely Portuguese cathedral

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Ample Time in Agra

In India on June 22, 2010 at 11:20 am

Travelling while the World Cup is on is tough business. It adds and extra layer of thought to where you have to be at certain times. No way was I going to be on an overnight train while England had a crucial match. I cleverly took photos of the schedule while I was in Darjeeling from the guesthouse wall so it’s always on my camera and in the back of my mind, when I unfortunately am on a bus for 12 hours.

Never miss a match with a digital schedule

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