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Comparisons Between My Hometowns

In Cambodia on October 22, 2010 at 9:03 am

Today is my tenth day of living in Kampot and I really feel like I know the place now. We’re taking shortcuts through the dusty streets and are regulars at a couple of the restaurants and bars, I even get a nod of recognition from the cashiers at the supermarket. Although the town’s population is supposedly 33,000, there is much more of a village feel to it. One of the most fantastic aspects of Kampot, which definitely makes me feel at home, is the amazing array of roundabout designs. My other hometown of Basingstoke is well-known for its roundabouts, the Chineham Wave and Stonehenge examples spring to mind as wonders of modern architecture but Kampot takes the doughnut on this one, with the year 2000 monument and the new, yet to be finished, jack fruit centrepiece on the main traffic circle.


Roundabout wars, left the year 2000 monument Kampot, right the Chineham Wave, Crockford Lane roundabout, Basingstoke


The work at the school is going well, it’s strange to be in a routine for the first time in over six months but this one is a lot less taxing of my time than my previous job. A normal working day goes something like this; wake up at 11am, go to the market and buy some bread or instant noodles or stroll down to a local restaurant for a light lunch. We then head back to our guesthouse for some relaxation time, usually filled with an hour of BBC World News or a nap. At ten to three we have a 3km cycle to the school in Chumkriel village. I play football, create some Lego statues and draw some pictures with the children between 3 and 5pm and then take two English classes between 5 and 7pm. My first English class is full of little kids that I’m teaching the alphabet to, the second class is half monks and half teenagers all at the level of about five or six-year-old English children but with half the confidence. It’s extremely enjoyable teaching the kids as they pick it up really quickly and come in every day humming ABCDEFG HIJKLMNOP, they get a bit stuck after the speed of LMNOP but we’ll get there.


The Chumkriel Learning Center, Kampot


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A Couple of Days in Khajuraho

In India on June 18, 2010 at 4:56 pm

I left Varanasi with three new British companions who I’d met at the guesthouse and were heading the same way out of town. Biddy and Cam are a couple from Bath who’ve been travelling all over Asia and Columba is a bloke from a small village near Oxford who has been in India for the last five months. These experienced travellers were to acpcomany me to the iconic and unmissable sexy temples of Khajuraho.

Evidence of the architectural genius of the Chandela dynasty

For once, the train was relatively empty and we all managed to get a few decent hours sleep before the standard bombardment upon arrival by the swarms of desperate touts. We went with one of them to a generic guesthouse that was falling apart. We went with him because of the promise of 100 Rs cold beers in the spacious garden. Is it wrong that the price of beer was the decider at 7am?

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