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On An Island In The Sun

In Thailand on August 22, 2010 at 9:42 pm

The train ride from KL was ridiculously comfy and we met a great guy called Francisco (given the monikers San Fran, Frannie and Fannie by us), a Spanish German who was also heading to the Thai party islands of Ko Samui and Ko Phangan. At the border crossing from Malaysia into the Kingdom of Thailand I thought I might not be allowed in because from my appearance I was classified as a ‘hippy’ and the sign at the border said the king doesn’t allow them in. Luckily the immigration official wasn’t paying too much attention to my scruffy sandals and dirty hair.

The 70s styling of Malaysia's finest sleeper carriages

In our attempt to save money (as always) we decided against buying the combined bus and ferry ticket to Ko Samui that would have got us there at about 9pm. Instead we did it on our own, got way behind schedule because the government bus also doubled as a florist, delivering boxes of flowers throughout the whole of central Thailand en route. So we were stuck in Surat Thani for an evening with our new-found German friend and had to get the expensive but fun and smooth night ferry. Read the rest of this entry »