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On To KL

In Malaysia on July 16, 2010 at 4:33 pm

After India, I’m used to spending very long periods of time in very uncomfortable positions. So a five-hour bus ride from Penang to KL I could do it blindfolded in the hold. So long as the price was right. The only bus that was available by every travel agent in town was an AC option for RM35 (£7). I begrudged paying that much for only five hours but when we got to the coach I could see why it cost that much. The seats were humongous, the air was freezing cold (I never understand why Asians like to be icy cold) and best of all, the seats had massage functionality. How ridiculous.

The new Robin Hood film was shown on board. Better than BA

The ironic thing was, given all of the shitty government buses I have been on over the last three months. The only one that broke down was the AC deluxe, rockstar coach. We were sat for an hour while it was repaired just outside of Penang.

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