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Two Motorbike Rides and a Holiday

In Vietnam on October 2, 2010 at 4:51 pm
We’ve just returned from a bike ride into the country to see some beautiful waterfalls. That may sound like an idyllic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and it was until the rain hit. Then it turned out a similar way to how my scooter trip in Goa went, with me drenched and shivering, looking like a bloke who’s gone swimming in the mid-winter Atlantic with his clothes on.

Sorry, I meant we rented elephants not motorbikes

The ride to the Elephant Falls was amazing, stunning scenery along a good condition (for Asia) mountain hugging road for 30km and then through some small villages. The walk down to the bottom of the falls wasn’t quite so relaxing. Shubes was cleverly wearing her prettiest frock and slippery sandals that were obviously ideal for trekking down wet rocks and along a path where the handrail disintegrated about a quarter of a century ago. She returned up the hill barefooted and muddy handed. It was great fun though and the view from the bottom was well worth the treacherous effort.

The stunning Elephant Falls near Dalat

A similar thing happened to us last time we got out a motorbike, five days ago in Hoi An. Except that time it decided to piss it down on the way to the attraction. We vistied the ancient Hindu temple site of Mi Son, again it was a fun bike ride, this time through a couple of small towns and along the coast road and we arrived looking like we’d been sprayed with a pressure washer. Mi Son itself was okay, but I think it could be better preserved, because a lot of the temples had crumbled and the shrubs tended to be winning the 1000 year war against the masonry.

One of Mi Son's crumbling temples