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The Hidden Cost of Travelling

In Planning on April 6, 2010 at 11:17 am

I’ve spent 10% of my 5k budget already, on stuff that doesn’t even add to my memory bank of travel adventures. I didn’t count on spending over £500 before leaving so it’s a bit depressing but i’d prefer to be prepared as the Scouts say.

Here’s what costs so much: 3x rabies jabs £90, 3x Hepatitis B £150, Malaria pills £85, random pills and first aid kit £40, van rental to move home £100, travel towel £20, Indian visa £40, backpack £60, a grand total of £585.

The prettiest and most expensive visa yet

So it doesn’t look as though i’ll be able to pay off my student overdraft just yet. Luckily my friends all chipped in for my leaving present and got me $200 for prostitutes in Vietnam and my mum gave me £50 for McDonalds in airports so i’ve recouped some money back.