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Our Personal Chauffeur

In Indonesia on August 5, 2010 at 12:08 pm

On Sunday night we had to go back round to Stadium Sue’s house because she’d kindly done our backlog of washing. We headed over to her swanky apartment block and had a few beers by the 5th floor poolside. Then we walked over the road to a sports-bar with a pub grub menu! It was the most happy I’ve ever been to see a steak and Guinness pie on a menu, complete with mash and even baked beans. It was incredible. Sue had done a fantastic job with the clothes too and they smelled like a summer breeze. She also, being an amazing instant friend gave us the luxury of borrowing her car, complete with a driver for our trip to the town of Bogor the next day.

Bogor's botanical garden

After a quick breakfast at Memories cafe on Jl Jaksa (where else?) we waited outside for Sue’s driver, Wiki, to arrive. Sue’s car was really cozy and we both nodded off for the whole journey to Bogor’s legendary botanical garden. It was a pleasant place for an afternoon stroll but I was pleased we hadn’t missioned it on public transport just to see it.

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