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I’m a Bombay Badboy Extra

In India on June 27, 2010 at 3:26 pm
Sometimes when you arrive somewhere you can get an instantly good feeling for a place. For example when I got to Agra I knew it was rubbish, when I got to Manali I knew I’d enjoy it and when I cruised in to Mumbai at 6am last Monday morning I got a rush of excitement. I was back in a big city I’d heard mixed reviews of. Some loved the western style apartment complexes and AC cinemas, others hated the non-Indianness of the place and the street hassle. I thought it would be a combination of the hecticness of Delhi and the coolness of Kolkata.

The Gateway of India welcomes you to Mumbai

I checked into Lonely Planet’s cheapest recommendation, the Salvation Army Red Shield House, which for a dorm room was very expensive compared to the rest of India. As soon as I arrived I met a fellow English Indian explorer named Ollie and we were asked if we wanted to be Bollywood extras that afternoon. Who could refuse such an offer? Read the rest of this entry »