Myles Harrington

Our Personal Chauffeur

In Indonesia on August 5, 2010 at 12:08 pm

On Sunday night we had to go back round to Stadium Sue’s house because she’d kindly done our backlog of washing. We headed over to her swanky apartment block and had a few beers by the 5th floor poolside. Then we walked over the road to a sports-bar with a pub grub menu! It was the most happy I’ve ever been to see a steak and Guinness pie on a menu, complete with mash and even baked beans. It was incredible. Sue had done a fantastic job with the clothes too and they smelled like a summer breeze. She also, being an amazing instant friend gave us the luxury of borrowing her car, complete with a driver for our trip to the town of Bogor the next day.

Bogor's botanical garden

After a quick breakfast at Memories cafe on Jl Jaksa (where else?) we waited outside for Sue’s driver, Wiki, to arrive. Sue’s car was really cozy and we both nodded off for the whole journey to Bogor’s legendary botanical garden. It was a pleasant place for an afternoon stroll but I was pleased we hadn’t missioned it on public transport just to see it.

We persuaded Wiki that he wanted to take us to the Taman Nasional Safari Park. I’d not heard of it before but Sue highly recommended it as a great thing to do while nearby in Bogor. I don’t think Wiki was pleased because this is probably the most driving he’s done in a long while. Sue normally only uses him to go to work and back. He said “It’s a very long way, another 30k, are you sure you want to go?” Claire and I said yes in sync.

We were so glad we did as it’s the best tenner I’ve spent in a long time. I’ve never been to a safari park before but it was an amazing eye opener, I wish all zoos were like this. Again, without the car it would have been impossible to do. I wouldn’t fancy walking through the lion enclosure.

One of the many animals that crossed our path

After a sleepy smooth ride back in the AC Toyota Avanza we were back on Jaksa, absolutely exhausted after a long and exciting day.

Our car for the day

We were rudely awoken on our last morning in Jakarta by the screams of a woman and a male American accent shouting “Give me back my f*cking money bitch!” We were once again reminded of the fact we were staying in a brothel. I was watching the scene develop as the semi naked chubby man was ushered out of the hostel by the three tiny Indonesian owners/pimps. They used numerous weapons to keep him at bay including a small wooden bench, a glass bottle and my personal favourite, a large wooden decorative chili. I wish I’d got photos. Needless to say we quickly packed up our stuff and left as the prostitutes’ (yes plural, they all shared a dorm room) door was being kicked down.

5k remaining: £2512.20

P.S Sorry for the use of stock photos again. There seems to be something wrong with my SD card/card reader

  1. this is hilarious. are you sure it was a wooden decorative chili, or a makeshift dildo?

    I’m glad you came clean about using those stock photos too, that first one looks like it was taken back in 1965.

    good to see you’ve still got a good chunk of money left in the piggybank. ciao.x

  2. […] the waterfalls, I’ve also seen a lot of zoos over my time in Asia, from Delhi to Bukit Tinggi to Taman Safari Park near Jakarta. None of them match up to Kampot’s zoo though. The $4 entry gets you in to a […]

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