Myles Harrington

The Calming Influence of Krui

In Indonesia on July 22, 2010 at 1:49 pm

A natural stop off point on the route down through Sumatra was the town of Bengkulu on the coast. The bus ride was an average 16 hour ride in an ekonomi bus with seats s small that it’s as if the coach was designed to transport the borrowers, they didn’t recline and it had tiny windows that didn’t let in a breeze. To make matters worse the bus was a ‘full music coach’, one of the selling points of Indonesian public transport. This meant that they played a happy-hardcore-pop-synth tune on repeat that used a one line Anthrax ft. Public Enemy sample. This continued on and off until 4am and then they started to play it again at 7am; at full blast. At 3am I nearly got up and said something but all the other passengers seemed content with it. I suppose at least it meant the driver didn’t fall asleep.

The 'full music' coach of misery

Bengkulu itself was an okay destination for a day. It’s definitely not a tourist town but we had fewer people laughing at us than in Padang, which was nice. They also had a well equipped mall where we spent most of our day drinking good quality coffee, eating doughnuts and going to see The Karate Kid at the cinema. Between the trips to the mall we managed to find the beach down a long road which was quite nice, despite all of the litter and it was lined with lots of shacks all selling a popular brand of bottled tea, made by the Coca Cola company and corn on the cob.

Mucky kids

We stayed in what’s called a losmen, which basically translates into a word for scummy hotel. The ceiling was falling down in small flakey black chunks and the bed smelled of mould but I’m not one to complain about accommodation as long as it’s cheap. It was 50 grand (£3.70).

A random find in the mall's supermarket

Another long bus ride took us the next day down the coast to a relatively undiscovered gem of a town called Krui. Here there were a few more tourists (all surfers) but still the locals persisted in calling out “Hhhhheeeellloooooo mmmiiiiiisssstttteeeerrrrr” at every opportunity. A couple of days of chilling out at the beach was a perfect way of forgetting the days of bus rides. Krui was how I’d imagined Indonesia to be with a deserted beach, good fresh and spicy food and friendly locals. Sadly cold beer is relatively hard to come-by and it’s as if spirits have never been invented.

We missed the actual sunset so this had to do

5k remaining: £2655.60

  1. The bus would be perfect size for me!!

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