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Heeelllllllllooooooo Miiissstttteeeeerrrrrrrr

In Indonesia on July 21, 2010 at 2:32 pm

I think I jinxed us in KL. I said to Claire I missed the feeling of being like a minor celebrity in India. The attention you got was incredible purely because of the colour of your skin. It was great fun having kids running after you, or away from you and friendly locals inviting you for tea. In Sumatra the celeb status has been stepped up a level. literally everyone calls down the street when they see you, or as they swish past on their mopeds and every one of them without fail calls out “Heeelllllllllooooooo Miiissstttteeeeerrrrrrrr”. If I hear it one more time I think I might have to start hitting them, or perhaps just start to ignore them. It gets boring waving constantly and my throat has started to hurt from just saying hello. I don’t know how everyone learned this was what to say to tourists but it soon starts to grate.

Padang was our next destination on the long haul trek down to Bali. I had completely forgotten about the earthquake that hit Padang in September last year so it was a bit weird to see the town in such a state. Most of the big buildings were derelict with huge cracks in the masonry and missing windows.

When the roads turned to rivers in Padang

Because of the rain during the day and a half we were there we couldn’t do much but eat. What a shame. We got to try some amazing local delicacies and ate Padang style, where they bring over every dish they have to your table and you only pay for what dishes you eat. Quite a good system for both the customer and proprietor, you can eat what you fancy and it encourages over eating.

Deep fried baked potatos, pork noodle soup and rice topped with pink crackers

We were attempting to head to Padang’s museum but got sidetracked by the roads that turned to rivers into a juice bar where they were having a solo song festival. Basically one of the waitresses was singing along to a synth heavy pianist. As the only westerner in the bar I got dragged up to hum along to Bryan Adams, looking like I’d been dragged through a muddy bath I gave it a good shot and got a few laughs when on the line “everything I do, I do it for you”, I pointed at the security guard.

The X Factor

For dinner we had a pork stuffed pancake and a classic Indonesian dish that you can’t avoid having for most meals; Nasi Goreng. It’s hard for me here to stick to my normal fussy ‘only eat meat that’s been treated well’ policy because they put pork strips and dried fish scraps in absolutely everything so I thought I’d embrace it and eat all of the meaty morsels they put in front of me. Some have ben good and some have been bad but all the food in Padang was delicious. At least that made up for the somewhat rude towns people who did not like Claire’s choice of dress.

5k remaining: £2670.80

  1. So is Claire your missus then?

    Sooper Skillz

  2. its a unique idea to self devlopment through sharing of life experiences

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