Myles Harrington

On To KL

In Malaysia on July 16, 2010 at 4:33 pm

After India, I’m used to spending very long periods of time in very uncomfortable positions. So a five-hour bus ride from Penang to KL I could do it blindfolded in the hold. So long as the price was right. The only bus that was available by every travel agent in town was an AC option for RM35 (£7). I begrudged paying that much for only five hours but when we got to the coach I could see why it cost that much. The seats were humongous, the air was freezing cold (I never understand why Asians like to be icy cold) and best of all, the seats had massage functionality. How ridiculous.

The new Robin Hood film was shown on board. Better than BA

The ironic thing was, given all of the shitty government buses I have been on over the last three months. The only one that broke down was the AC deluxe, rockstar coach. We were sat for an hour while it was repaired just outside of Penang.

The beat coach in the World broke down

We made a beeline to Chinatown once we got to KL, freezing cold and nicely limbered up by the vibrating pads. I was getting stressed because of the wet season rain and expensive hotel rooms. Eventually we managed to find a cockroach infested, windowless room in the Oasis Guesthouse. It would do for the planned three night stop over and the free tea and coffee made it a great bargain.

One of the classic KL views, to the top of the Petronas towers

A trip to KL wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon spent traipsing around one of the many malls. I don’t know how they all stay open. I think the biggest is the KLCC Suria at the foot of the Petronas Towers. So we wondered around, ate at the food court and I bought some new speakers.

It was time for something a bit more cultural the next day so we walked over the awkward highways without paths to the National Museum, which was a good size and fairly interesting. The narrator’s voice was grating though. Then I got dragged along to something extremely un-Malaysian. We went to see the new Twilight film. Luckily I sneaked in some Whisky mixed with Gatorade and some 8.5% beer so it wasn’t too bad. Claire bought me some french fries for the suffering too.

A surreal poster at the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur

After three expensive days in KL, not really doing much, just indulging in the good food and strong beers and chilling out in the guest house common room. We woke early to get the commuter train to Port Klang where we could board the boat (one that’s thankfully still running from Malaysia to Indonesia). We hadn’t planned anything so luckily we arrived there with time to spare before the 10.30am departure. Had yet some more good, but cold food from a shack outside the port and boarded the boat after a breeze through immigration for Dumai in Sumatra, the next leg of the tour and third country of my trip.

Luckily I wasn't sea sick

  1. Please give us more food news. Its all beer, beer, beer with you Myles. The people need to know about the bhajis, curries and delicious street snack food.

    Thank you

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