Myles Harrington

One Night in Bangalore With The Bond Girls

In India on July 8, 2010 at 6:01 pm

My solo adventures with the Bond girls (Florence and Harriet Bond) began when David left us in Hospet, the transit town from Hampi. We arrived there stupidly early for the night bus so had to spend six hours coffee shop hopping.

Time to burn in a luxurious restaurant

We also made a crucial error by booking the last three seats on the 10.30pm bus. They were the ones at the back, the ones that don’t lean back.

The government bus back row

After a couple of prescription sleeping pills we managed to get a few hours sleep and arrived feeling hazy in the less than beautiful Bangalore. It was time for bed and when we woke at midday, time for a walk to explore what Bangalore had to offer. Something was not quite right with the city and we soon realised everything was shut. After asking around we discovered there was a general strike and most of India was shut for the day. Great. That ruined the plans of the trip to the botanical garden. At least everything would be open again at 6pm. After a long walk and an impromptu trip to a tiny one man saree factory, it was back to the room for another nap and then to hit the beers to see what Bangalore had to offer in the evening.

The only man at work during the strike. Sarees must be made!

We went bowling at the amazing state of the art bowling alley, had a couple of beers in some slightly seedy bars and then on to a club at 11pm which was great fun but due to licensing laws was closed at 11.30.

After my one night with the girls it was time to head to Chennai for my flight to Malaysia. I got the day train so I could sit in general class and only pay 94 Rs (£1.30). My cunning plan was to arrive at the airport at about 9pm and camp out in departures before my flight in the morning. My plan was seemingly foiled when I tried to get past the security and they said I could only come in  three hours before my flight. I went straight to the airport manager, put on my stupid tourist act and pleaded with him to let me in. I said I’d lost my bank card and only had 25 Rs until I met my friend in Penang. So much effort to save a few pounds on a hotel room. I was given access to the air-con arrivals lounge so I had a cosy but broken sleep on the marble floor for a few hours.

AK 5702 - my exit from India

India has been my home for the last three months and I had a very strange feeling of emotions the night before lying on the cold floor as I prepared to leave. It was almost as upsetting as when I left the UK, but I know more fun is to be had and a lot more money to be spent in many more countries across Asia.

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