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A Couple of Days in Khajuraho

In India on June 18, 2010 at 4:56 pm

I left Varanasi with three new British companions who I’d met at the guesthouse and were heading the same way out of town. Biddy and Cam are a couple from Bath who’ve been travelling all over Asia and Columba is a bloke from a small village near Oxford who has been in India for the last five months. These experienced travellers were to acpcomany me to the iconic and unmissable sexy temples of Khajuraho.

Evidence of the architectural genius of the Chandela dynasty

For once, the train was relatively empty and we all managed to get a few decent hours sleep before the standard bombardment upon arrival by the swarms of desperate touts. We went with one of them to a generic guesthouse that was falling apart. We went with him because of the promise of 100 Rs cold beers in the spacious garden. Is it wrong that the price of beer was the decider at 7am?

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