Myles Harrington

Rocky Rickshaws and a Nice Red Fort

In India on April 9, 2010 at 11:04 am

I managed to sleep through the whole night which i was surprised about given the yapping dogs and shouting tradesmen just outside the window. The air-con cut out at about 1am which was inconvenient but the fan did okay at finishing off the night.

The first port of call was the Red Fort, seen in all its glory below. It was too far and hot to walk so I decided i’d get an auto-rickshaw from outside New Delhi Train station. Somehow after much haggling I ended up on a push bike rickshaw. The poor man had to slog over bumpy pot-holed terrain along what seemed to be dual carriageways for about 20 minutes. It was then when we were freewheeling towards oncoming traffic, it dawned on me that I had absolutely no ID on me. So if I had died I would have probably been carted off to a hospital never to be seen again, minus my camera and many hundreds of rupees. So i’ve decided it might be a good idea to keep it on me from now on, alongside my insurance details so they can complete any life saving treatment necessary.

Obligatory Tourist Spot Number 1

After a delicious ‘vegetable sandwich’* (cucumber and tomato) at the fort’s under-prepared restaurant and taking the standard tourist snaps it was time to return home to purchase a SIM card and a backpack to carry my passport in. I got on another death trap bike rickshaw back to the hotel because I needed another adrenaline hit. The journey was just as bad and for my family’s sake i’m not going to divulge details.

A fine example of the scariest way to get around Delhi

*I experienced my first famous Delhi power cut when I got here the first time

  1. Hello Myles

    I like your stories. Please continue.


  2. its great to hear how its all going do you think i would enjoy the thrill of the bike ride? will be so happy when i hear that you have met someone. think you will when you are staying in a hostel do you know of one to move onto ? keep us posted of all your news please love you lots be careful mum xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Myles you should always have your passport with you, if only to be sure that nobody is stealing it while you’re diverted by all things Indian! Take care, have lots of fun. Fiona xxx

  4. […] and I would say it was actually worth the price. Unlike when I was charged the same for the Red Fort in Delhi. When the entrance fee to sites costs the same as a day of living, you start to question whether […]

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